Gravity Club Workshop

/rehearsal/ residency

November 8-11, 2019 

rehearsal is a platform for artists to present incubating ideas in the form of workshops or performances, with an emphasis on creating a space of support and critique that is responsive, fluid, and constructive. Hosted by Crush Curatorial


Beside the Amber Light

Microscope Gallery

November 4, 2019 /8:00pm

Exploring the trope of gathering around a fire to tell secrets and stories, the selected works look at ideas of intimacy, mythos, and self reflection. The fireplace symbolizes comfort, warmth, and domestic life while also caging a mesmerizing, dangerous substance.

The focus on sound and performance harkens to oral tradition, where ideas and cultural material were passed only by direct presence of the body and voice. Continuing through history and into the present this has remained a powerful and radical method of expression and disseminating information.


Plank Road Gallery

September 19 - 21 2019 / 8:00pm

1656B Summerfield Street, Ridgewood NY 11385

Plank Road is pleased to present Alexa West’s

site-specific 30 minute choreography.

Featuring Sharleen Chidiac, Tenaya Kelleher,

Jess Nelson, and Susannah Yugler.

Alexa PR (1).jpg

Daytona Five Hundred

182 Ave C, New York NY 10009

December 8, 2018 / 7:00pm


Featuring Robert Dietz, Sofia Dixon, Alexa West.

Human Resources

featured in group show Splash Zone

182 Ave C, New York NY 10009

February 21 - April 21 2019 

Digital Video, 4:56 minutes.

Featuring Scott West, Austin Weber, Alexa West.

Couch Variations (7-11-11-7)


December 17 2017 / 7:00pm

The faux velour inflatable couch with inset cup holders makes so many decisions for the body. What is left for movement to discover. It is difficult to find another body in time anew, ungoverned by projection and structural violence.

Featuring Erin Morris and Tyler Berrier.

Lap Is Running

In collaboration with Alex Goss

Site Gallery at the Silos on Sawyer

October - December 2017

Adapting the vocabulary and materials of industry to dance, we employ the work of choreography through both machine and body to investigate the intimate and mechanical capabilities of both anatomies. This site specific installation was accompanied by a two night performance (October 20th and 21st, 2017) as part of the reception for Sculpture Month Houston’s “Tensile Strength” exhibition (October 20-December 2, 2017) at Site Gallery in the Silos on Sawyer.